Pavel Elvis Pavlevský

I´m a person who´s loved music since I was a kid. When I was 6 years old I was impressed by Elvis, Beatles, Bee Gees, Beach Boys, Cliff Richard and many others. .

However it was Elvis who left something in me which inspired me. Later on I found out it was his sexapeal, hardworking, ambition and especially his expression and voice which hadn´t had any other musician before.

It has written into my heart and will stay there untill my death. Elvis Presley was amazing person with a big heart and talent which is still admired by a millions of people around the world.

I´m a person who is proud of his talent from god and ability to get people into the euphoria during my show with Elvis Presley´s songs.

Pavel Elvis Pavlevský



Pavel Elvis Pavlevský


It´s strange, but since I was a kid Elvis Presley has been a superstar of all time to me, and he still the star in my heart is.

Actually even though I had a dream as every little kid, I´ve never dreamed about my performance as Elvis Presley and I´ve never thought I will doing it.

The breaking point was the moment when my friends were still pushing me to try it, they kept telling me that I´m talented in music and my look reminded them the Elvis Presley.

So I started with hard working, thousand hours of singing, thousand hours of english lessons, thousand Elvis Presley concerts watched, thousand hours of playing to percussion with different music bands.

And then it came …

Ad in the newspaper: „I´m looking for imitator of Elvise Presley for my pub in Ostrava“. I picked up the phone and my career as Elvis could start.